Interior Design for Adidas Runbase

Custom rubber rug, metal sidetable

Bespoke sofa with mesh fabric

Bespoke mesh fabric & wool blanket

Material & furnishing concept

Color & Light concept

Material Concept, Chairs: Zweidrei

granite table tops

Bespoke shelf design w/ zweidrei

Bespoke shelf boxes w/ zweidrei

sports equipment – inspiration

bespoke sports equipment

Flower concept w/ marsano

DRESSING ROOM w/ bespoke furniture

Dressing room, Chair: Zieta

DRESSING ROOM w/ bespoke furniture



Material-, color- and interior concept for the Adidas Runbase Berlin in collaboration with Zweidrei Architects.

The venue is holistically designed to enable personal development in a multitude of areas from Running, Nutrition and Knowledge to Gear and Physical Health. It is a place for exchange and growth, inspired by a collective passion for running, sports, and leading an active lifestyle.

The interior concept is taking inspiration from the materiality and formal language found in modern day training equipment. It translates the aesthetics of contemporary Sportswear into a new and bespoke spacial concept, merging functionality, tactility and ambience into one coherent experience.

Client — ADIDAS
Architecture – Zweidrei Architects
Flowers and Plants – Marsano Blumen
Photography — Markus Braumann