Installation view

Around Scarf (edge to edge)

Around scarf

Fringe scarf (loose)

fringe scarf

Flap scarf

flap scarf (loose)

flap scarf (folded,once around)

rectangular drape scarf (knotted)


slash scarf (knotted)

circular scarf (folded,once around)

Knot scarf (half loose)

installation view

knot scarf (blue)

Installation view

Neckline scarf (edge to edge)

neckline scarf

knot scarf

knot scarf

Installation view



»Breaks in continuity« is a series of scarves.

Other than a jacket or a pair of pants a scarf does not convey the way it is closed within its form (see "Dress Information Group" 2011).

Usually it has no applications (f.e. button) or a sleeve, which mimics a body shape, and therefore it does not give any concrete indications of how to drape this, usually rectangular piece, on the body.
Based on the simplicity of its form the scarf itself makes the wearer develop specific habits, sometimes indicating social conventions. 
It makes us speculate about the personality of the wearer, maybe more than any other garment.

„Closure is in fact a very rich aspect of dress; but, as such, it becomes an index of temperament, not a sign.“ (Roland Barthes)

The series „Breaks in continuity“ comments on the conventional ways of wearing a scarf. Through minimal interventions the items break with adopted habits and create a multitude of new shapes and surprisingly diverse variants of wear.

Available A/W 2016.

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Photography — Ina Niehoff
Styling — Stefanie Klopf
Hair & Make up — Susanna Jonas
Model — Linda P.
Thanks to – The Store, Voo Store, Lisa Haag, Filippa K, Wood Wood Berlin for additional clothing