ice cubes in various shapes

blanket, hand knitted with label

blanket, placed on construction

construction for dyeing process

ice cubes in various shapes

ice cubes placed on upper layer

dyeing process

blanket after dying process

wool blanket after dyeing process

first experiments

first experiments

color and shape catalogue

drawing / manual

drawing / manual



The project “Think Senses!” at the Textile and Surface Design Department was concerned with the importance of human senses in design and daily life exploring this deeply emotive subject. It puts the human, his/her sensory and emotional needs in focus, thus developing new criteria for designing and challenging the more traditional - purely functional or decorative- approaches. The title "Think Senses!" stands for the necessity to re-unite the two brain parts- rational and intuitive - making them work together.

Within this one year project I developed several works based around the use of ice in all it's aggregate phases. One of them is "Coiceidence".

This principle has been explored and utilised for the creation of unique personalized designs for hand knitted blankets. The entire process can be set in motion using a pre-engineered construction, consisting of two horizontal frames. A knitted wool blanket is put on one of the two levels. A selection of various colour inks are frozen in three-dimensional shapes and are the placed in the favored adjustment on the lower and / or upper level of the construction. The melting does not only start the coloring process, it also allows the viewer to see the reconfiguration of the ice as it melts and to hear the dropping of the inks. The colored ice melts and the warming wool blanket is now soaked with the cold inks. In this way an abstract accidental pattern is slowly been formed on the surface of the blanket.
The blanket carries a label, displaying the section of the ice shapes and their available colours. the selected shapes and their available colours. The selected shapes are marked on the label by a stitched cross for further reference.
The hand knitted blanket itself is a traditional product, the innovative aspect of the blanket lies in the inconvenient, slow way of dyeing and the involvement of the end-user in the design process. The resulting blanket is "designed" through the initial choices made by the end-user in selecting the shapes and colours of the ice cubes, an through the following act of melting in which coincidence plays the central role.

The project is concerned with the idea of employing simple transformative processes as design production methods. During the "Coiceidence" project a creative design process is developed that allows a production of individual products which have their own unique authenticity.