Transparent Down Jacket

Down Jacket (left behind)

Transparent Fabric / Down Feathers

Coat Rack + Hanger w/ M. Bernard

Anti Imprint Skirt

Metal Jacket + Marble Hook w/ M.B.

Shoe Stetcher Heels

eyelet functions as hanger

Square Shirt (V-Neck)

O-Top (with integrated hanger)

(Round Neck) w/separate Neckline)

Strap Coat / straps to shorten...

...coat when wearing or storing

Slash Skirt

Detail (carabiner=hanger)

Skirt with integrated hanger

Hole Sleeve

Anti-Slip Hangers w/ M. Bernard

Hole Sleeve + corresponding hanger

wave dress + corresponding hanger

Turtleneck hanger I w/ M. Bernard

Circular Skirt with wearable hanger

Turtleneck Hanger II w/ M. Bernard

Wrap Dress (stored + worn)

circular skirt

Strap Jacket

straps to fasten f.e. sweater



"Being more sensitive to the way that an object is used and worn we can refine forms to more accurately reflect their purpose. Sometimes this wear should be embraced, (…), and other times fought against,(…)" — Bruno Munari, Design as Art

"Everyday Essentials" is a series of garments and corresponding objects.

The collection investigates the moment a garment is left behind, stored or hung and the interrelation it enters with different everyday objects f.e. chairs, hangers or hooks. Together garment and object form an abstract sculptural entity which is emphasized through experimental surfaces and the alienation of the everyday object. Hereby functionality is not disregarded, but underlined and reconsidered.

The design of each garment is equally influenced by the human body and the object, creating alternative forms and new possibilities of wear and storage through poetic yet minimal interventions.

All garments and objects are available for sale.
For purchase inquires please contact

Objects – in collaboration with Michael Bernard
Photography — Alina Asmus
Styling — Stefanie Klopf
Hair & Make up — Jana Kalgajeva
Model — Shade Theret (Dancer)
Thanks to – The Store, Voo Store, Filippa K for additional clothing