Pattern of tablecloth / 1

wood / horizontal + color stains

painted objects placed on fabric

painted wood

wood / vertical and diagonal

wood / horizontal


paper / horizontal, diagonal

various object used for experiments

wood / horizontal

copper pipe / diagonal



Inspired by the book “Aesthetic of the absence” by Paul Virilio, “expressions of hastiness” is a study on the change of spacial conditions of objects caused by tipping. It visualizes the change of the vertical, diagonal and horizontal conditions of various painted objects that leave a mark on a blank surface.

The project is sectioned in two parts. An autonomous set of installations and a product based design approach concerning an alternative way of using a tablecloth.

The pattern of the tablecloth is created by an installation of painted objects that tip on the plain white fabric. The individual design composed from color-stains is the base for further expressions of hastiness. Stains created while eating and drinking become part of the design as they are ment to complete the pattern.

“The lapse occurs frequently at breakfast and the cup dropped and overturned on the table is its well-known consequence. The absence lasts a few seconds; its beginning an its end are sudden. the senses function, but are nevertheless closed to external impressions. The return being just as sudden, as the departure, the arrested word and action are picked up again where they have been interrupt. conscious time comes together again automatically, forming a continuous time without apparent breaks. For these absences, which can be quite numerous, hundreds every day most often pass completely unnoticed by others around— we'll using the "picnolepsy" (from the Greek, piccolos: frequent).
However for piconlepic, nothing really has happened, the missing time never existed. At each crisis, without realizing it, a little of his or her life simply escaped.”

Paul Virilio