Wire Sweater

memorizes movement

memorizes ways of storage

Tuck in Pants

wear out shoes

tucking in top / hands in pocket

wear out jacket

crackles when washing frequently

Stretch dress (to dress / Variant 1)

to dress(step 3) / to undress(step 1)

undress (variant 1)

dress variant 1 / undress variant 1

undress (variant 1 /crossed Arms)

dress(black) / undress(yellow+white)

Hump sweater (Humps of Hanger)

Hump Sweater / White T

White T (imprint of hanging rack)

Inventory jacket (storage)

Inventory Jacket

Inventory jacket / yellow shoes

wear out sweater

crackles when washing frequently

Wear Out Sweater

Imprint Jacket

slashes to avoid imprint of hanger,hook,chair

Flap skirt

Flaps for knees (walking/sitting)

Baggy out sweater

baggies out when moving naturally

Matters of habit


"Matters of habit" is a collection of clothing that emerged as a direct result of the research on the interaction with garments and is to be considered as a further development of the collection "The garments may vary." (2013)
Each of the garments deals with different aspects of our daily interaction and handling of garments, comprising of unconscious habits in terms of movements (including dressing and undressing) and gestures, as well as the corresponding ways of storage and care.

"There are plenty of ways to hang up a coat, and depending on the garment, quite a few of them will do it no favours. Sling a nice new double-faced cashmere one onto a hook just below it’s collar and find a freshly minted hump in the fabric just a couple of hours later."

• The Gentlewoman No.9, Spring / Summer
2014, Fantastic Woman Ltd. 2014, p. 86

Based on a detailed observation every single garment of the collection focuses on one of these aspects which originate from the daily and (apparently) natural use of the respective type of garment.
In terms of this interrelation between garment and person, the items of the collection are furthermore questioning the border between sculptural object and garment comparing it’s form when in use and it’s existence in absence of the wearer.

For further information about the single garments please contact hello@nadinegoepfert.com
All items are available on request.

Patterns (in Collaboration with) — Vivian Ronge
Photography — Alina Asmus
Styling — Stefanie Klopf
Hair & Make up — Susanna Jonas
Post-Production — HelloMe, Till Wiedeck
Model — Lea Platow (Izaio)
Model — Lea-Sophie Beholz (Model Management)
Typeface Stretch Dress — HelloMe, Till Wiedeck