top / white paper

textile collection

paper collection

pullover / organic wool

textile & paper garments

textile & paper garments

pullover / wool, hand-knitted

trousers / dyed and screen printed

trousers / cotton, digital print

trousers / paper, digital print

trousers / paper, digital print

trousers / silk, digital print

tool-box for white paper outfit

photo–shooting / nadine

photo–shooting / lisa


studio w/ lisa haag

lasercut / black blouse

plastic bag — pattern

various papers

sketch-book / 1

sketch-book / 2

figurine—l.h. / patterns—n.g.

figurine—l.h. / patterns—n.g.

figurine—l.h. / patterns—n.g.



»Utoption« is a collaborative project with fashion design student Lisa Haag. It deals with sustainability and the environmentally friendly use of material in the context of fast- & slow fashion. The aim of the project is to raise awareness of the relation between quality and function of clothing while rethinking consumer behaviour in regard to a new ecological consciousness. Based on this we developed two almost identical collections which distinguish only in their materiality. In the ”slow“-collection we focused on the use of high quality garments to insure a certain durability. The second collection is based around fast fashion and the mentality of a disposable society. Therefore it is entirely made of paper to reveal the ever growing urge for the new. Here “fast fashion” is not an option but a must. Both collections deal with the value and the actual worth of a garment and visualize two radically different ways of dealing with fashion in an ecological way.

Utoption is a experiment of perception that questions seemingly natural conventions and wants to motivate to a new awareness of ecology.

„The idea of design and the profession of the designer have to be transformed from the notion of a specialist function into a generally valid attitude of resourcefulness and inventiveness which allows projects to be seen not in isolation but in relationship with the the need of the individual community.“

László Moholy-Nagy, 1947

Fashion Design Lisa Haag
Graphic Design Tobias Röttger / Susanne Stahl