floral dress (linen)

delphinium, iris, ranunculus, tulip

Floral Dress (linen)

Textile / Floral dress (linen)

Print / floral Dress

Floral shirt (silk)

floral shirt

Floral skirt (linen)

delphinium, iris, tulip, hyacinth

Textile / Skirt

Print / Skirt

Floral pants (linen)

Floral textile

Marsano (by) vladimir karaleev

Marsano (by) Vladimir karaleev

Floral Print (Tulle)

Floral Print (tulle)

Vladimir Karaleev – Spring/Summer 2013


The floral prints for Vladimir Karaleev’s pre summer collection 2013 were developed in collaboration with florist Annett Kuhlmann of Marsano Berlin.

Vladimir Karaleev’s collection excels through its reduced shapes, clean lines and the interplay of fluent and angular layers of different materials that define a slim silhoutte.

The floral prints complement the subject of layering and abstraction and constitute a dynamic contrast to the gentle shades of the remaining collection.

fashion design — Vladimir Karaleev
floristry — Annett Kuhlmann, Marsano Berlin
Lookbook Photography — Jonas Lindström